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Guide for Tibet Travel

Tibet Travel Guide

The Quality of the Roads to Tibet

Last Updated: November 10th, 20191. Sichuan-Tibet northern way switch to southern way Section 1 -...

Travel around in Tibet by Bus

Apart from Lhasa, foreign passengers are usually not allowed to take public transport in the Tibet A...

Toyota 4500 SUV Withdrawn from Tibet

For every friend who has been to Tibet, the Toyota 4500 SUV is the main means of transportation on t...

The Altitude Variations among 7 Major Regions of Tibet

You will get to know that Tibet is with good geographical advantage after you view the map of Tibet,...

Terrain, Population and Prefectures of Tibet

If you plan to travel to Tibet, the popular tourist destination in Asia, it will be helpful for you ...

Tibet Geography and Environment

Tibet Autonomous Region takes the proportion of 12.5% of Chinese territory with area of 1.22 million...

Environment and Nature of Tibet - The Last Pure Land in the Earth

Tibet, a holy land on the roof of the worldQinghai-Tibet Plateau, is considered to be the last pure ...

Tibetan Agriculture and Climate

Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is the largest plateau in China and the highest plateau in the world, thus it ...

How to Choose a Reliable Tibet Travel Agency?

This page will tell you how to choose a reliable travel agency in Tibet. Besides, we will show you t...

How to Tip in Tibet?

In addition to the fee according to the tour group and other shopping expenses during the trip, tips...

How to Buy Outdoor Products in Tibet?

This page will tell you a shopping guide of outdoor Products in Tibet, including necessary outdoor P...

Taboos in Tibet

This article will give you an introduction to the taboos in Tibet, including interesting customs in ...

Dressing Guide for Tibet Travel

This page will give you an overall guide of taking clothes to Tibet, which contains temperature in d...

Guide to Purchase Altitude Stress Medicine in Tibet

In this page, we will give you a guide, in which we provide the situations where we need to buy drug...

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